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“Starlight” school in Gambia :

In 2018, we went to Gambia to study a project to build a school in the Tujereng district, near the capital Banjul. The school will consist of a two-story main building capable of accommodating 10 classes. Its construction began on ..... 2021.

You can follow the progress of the work below.

Alex and his wife

Alexander Grant:

Alex who was born in 1978, is the pastor in charge of the Gambia Evangelical Church in the town of Tujereng. He lives there with his wife Daba.

Here is his hope and vision for this future school:

“Our hope is to contribute to national development through education as a strong foundation for school children.
It will also be a way to share the gospel with the community and the parents of the children of the future school.

This school will also be a great opportunity to create jobs and provide work and a future for families in the region."

Paul Suwareh:

A word from the work supervisor:

“I am currently employed in a project called “House of Skills”, as head of the construction department and as a trainer.
I have worked in the construction field for 12 years.
My role in this school construction project will be to supervise and give advice on all technical choices."

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