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The Olivétan Bible of 1535 :

Translator: Pierre Robert Olivétan was born in Noyon, France, in 1506. He was the cousin of John Calvin. He died in Rome in 1538, possibly poisoned. A schoolmaster, he also studied with Martin Bucer and Jean Capitton in Strasbourg.
Impression :This Bible was the first to have been printed in French in Neuchâtel in 1535, under the presses of Pierre de Wingle. She ist published in Gothic characters.
Translation :The decision to undertake this translation followed the Synod of Chamforan, in the Vaud valleys of Italian Piedmont. The translation was carried out on old manuscripts held by the Waldensians of Piedmont. This Bible, also called the "Bible of the Martyrs" or "Serrières", contains an epistle from John Calvin dedicated to the people of the Sinai alliance.
The translator's apology shows us all the love he had for the Word of God.  She also tells us of his humility in the face of the great task that he accomplished, in the Alpine valleys, sometimes in total destitution, going so far as to lack paper.

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