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David Martin's Bible from 1707:

Translator:David Martin was born in Revel in France in 1639 and died in Utrecht in Holland. in 1721. He was pastor of several churches in France during the troubled period whichpreceded andsucceeded at the signing of the Edict of Nantes. He was known for his zeal, seriousness, firmness and prudence. He was also in a gentle and conciliatory mood and did not seek to shine, but to be useful. Following persecution, he took refuge in The Hague in Holland in 1685. From 1686, he became a minister of the Walloon Church and remained so until his death.  
This Bible was printed in Amsterdam in 1707.
Translation: As early as 1694, David Martin made corrections to the old revisions of the Geneva Bible at the request of the Synod of Walloon Churches. He also translated the New Testament based on the "Textus Receptus" of Erasmus of Rotterdam. He also added his own notes from the New Testament which he had begun to retouch in 1694.

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